Sunday, May 3, 2009

Earn money online

Earn money online

Many people interested in earning money online. But most of them cannot cannat able to get a single penny on their hands. Then they comment, online money is a thing which you can see but cannot catch.
Actually this statement is not true. You have to learn much, visit various sites and have to read the articles of those persons who can get succed. But at last you have to take decision by using your own brain.
There are many ways to earn money online. I will discuss for the beginners.


This is the most used term used by the people who earn money online. This is the process of advertising sites via google. You can install these ads totally free to your own website. But they don’t pay you just for placing their ads. If the clicks on the ads placed on your site, then you can be paid. So what to do for starting google adsense?
If you already have a website, then you can place google on your website and started to get paid. But if you don’t have a website, at first you have to create such a thing. Don’t worry it can be possible now totally free and with ease. You should have a gmail account. And then go to then their you have to sign in with your gmail ID and password. You will find their a title “create a new blog”. Click their and then you find a box. Just write your blog on this box. Or if u have written blog in a microsoft word file you can just copy and paste your article on this box. If you want to add a picture you also find a small box above the text just click it and insert images from your computer.
Then click on the publish button. Your blog will be published successfully. You can insert google adsense now more simply. Go to your blogger dashboard and click the button monetize. Then follow the instructions and your adsense would be published successfully. To earn money you have to increase traffic. For this purpose you can promote your site through facebook, myspace or twitter. You can also exchange your blog with professional bloggers.
Caution: don’t try to click ads by yourself, if google can identify you, your’s account will be blocked immediately. And this identification is easy for google.

Online survey

Online survey is one of the easiest way to earn money online. There are many sites online, which offer you paid online survey. But there are so much frauds also their. So you should take surveys on trusted sites. Every survey site will send you only one or two survey via email. But it may not give you enough chance to earn. So at first create a different email account only for online survey. You can download survey software like roboform from internet. It will bring the surveys easier to you. Then search in google where search only free online survey websites. You will get several lists of trusted online survey websites. Then start survey. First you have to fill some primary survey for your registration. These surveys will be used for givivng you next survey. After filling their form check your email address regularly and you will find your next survey. You can earn over $200 per month via these survey. Here the list of some trusted online survey website given. You may start with these sites.
$6.00 Welcome Survey After Free Registration!

Paid to click

There are so many sites on the internet who will give you money just for see their ads. These may be possible via log on to these site and get paid to click options. They also send ads via email. You can earn lot of money just by readeing their emails. But they have a minimum payout. You have to fill this condition before paid. But minimum payout is not an obstacle to earn. But you have to continue clicking. Then you can automatically fill the minimum payouts after two or three months. But you can fill these condition so rapidly via referring peoples. Referrers may not decrease your account but they will earn 30% of your income. So it is win win condition. If you don’t take a referrer it will be gone to an unknown people. You can also take me as a referrer. For those site, at first you have to open an account on moneybookers. You can paid easily by this from everywhere. Alertpay is also used for transferring money world wide. Some addresses given bellow which may be useful for your earnings


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