Monday, August 24, 2009

Paid to click earning on twitter

By using twitter you can not only promote your business but also would able to earn money by promoting other’s business. This service is like adsense.

You will be paid a specific amount of money offered by the advertisers after every valid clicks. There is an important feature there, they will count clicks only from the countries which are the advertiser’s suggest. Thus an advertiser get maximum benefits from his advertisement. If you want to publish these ads you should have at least 50 followers. You will able to post only two ads everyday for a single twitter account. But you would publish ads for maximum 10 twitter accounts from your single publisher’s account.

I am talking about the only reliable payper click twitter advertising site revtwt. When you earn at least 20 dollars you can request for transaction. revtwt will transfer your money via paypal. If you don’t have a paypal account, don’t worry! They also send cheque via standard mail like google adsense, after you reaching your account at $100.
So start earning money.
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  1. That site is no good anymore. With autopost set up you are very likely to get malware tweeted on your tweets which can eventually lock you out of twitter. I had this issue several times and had to suspend my account with revwtw. The best earning programs are Spons.Twwets ( ) and TweetROI ( ).

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