Saturday, August 22, 2009

Twitter: social networking site and useful tool for online marketing

Twitter is the fastest growing social networking site in the world. People use this site to express their status within 140 characters. This property opens the window of expressing not only feelings but also news, important notices to peoples within a network. It is also used in offices to give instruction or official orders to all the stuffs. Inform others by updating status is better than boring sending same sms or email to many peoples.

The terms used in twitter


peoples who are followed by you. You will get regular update of their status.

People who follows your status. Your status updates will be published on his homepage .

Your status within 140 words is called tweet. You may add links on your tweets.

You can only follow peoples but following you is on their own wish. So if you get a huge number of followers you may able to spread your opinion on to many people. If you are a writer you can invite your followers to read your article by giving a link. You may inform your readers about your latest blog.

If you are a political leader you may provide your message to your party activists or to general peoples by give updates on twitter.
If you are a businessman you can advertise your products through your status update.

How to open a twitter account

Go to . go to sign up option and create your account by providing essential information. Try to enrich your profile by adding pictures, giving link, attractive about me section. At first people will look on your profile. If you attract themselves by providing information which they want, they will curiously look your statuses. So be careful, and use attractive interface.

How can you get follower

Have to get followers at first you have to follow peoples. You can search people by name or niche and follow them. Some sites are also help to find people on your own niche. One of them is twello. You can find people here by searching the keyword which you feel interest or you are writing about or you want to sell your product. Then follow them one by one. If they find anything on your profile they feel interest they will be must follow you. You can follow up to 2000 people without any obstacles. Try to complete this chance within 2 or 3 days. Then wait for their responses. After one week start to unfollow which peoples are not following you. It is rude but nothing to do because to follow 2001st people you must have reached 1850 followers, so what can you do other than that. In this purpose you can use twello, huitter or many other sites. After that you should carefully follow people because you have to maintain a certain following and followers ratio. And follow those people quickly who follow you without your invitation. Other than that they may do the same thing which you done just now.

Supply high quality contents and information to your followers, thus they can respond your tweets. Cleverly add your link in your tweets, but not in every tweet.
140 characters are not enough to express your feelings and links combinedly. So you can use or to shortening your web address.

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